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Top notch service all around. I’m not a chiropractic fan…at least I wasn’t. Not into cracking. But Dr. Armour does so much more. PLUS he doesn’t manipulate you (in the emotional sense) into coming three times a week for the rest of your life. He actually works to treat you and release you. Yay for that. I am glad to have him in my health tool bag. A shout out too, for the receptionist, Mandy. So efficient and helpful and smart. She’s been in the business a long time so she knows more than how to make appointments. She runs a busy office by herself and still manages to offer a friendly word. Some receptionists have made me feel like an inconvenience. All are welcome at this place.

Colleen Cooke-Valdivia

My wife and I went to Dr. Jodie and Dr. Joe with back and neck issues. Wow! These doctors are smarter than my orthopedic doctor! I showed them my MRI and they explained to me my situation better than anyone! They have worked closely with me to improve my back issues. My wife visited with severe back problems and now doesn’t have any issues. These guys are a Godsend for us. VERY smart and professional and also very friendly. We highly recommend Mt. Pleasant Spine Center

Jeff Vinzani.

Dr. Jodi and staff are so wonderful! I’ve see her now through two pregnancies and she always helps work wonders on my aching joints. Convenient and always accommodating to my busy schedule

Haley S.

Dr. Jodi is amazing!! I was a nonbeliever in chiropractic medicine before coming to Mt Pleasant Spine Center. My first experience, I slept on my neck in the wrong position and couldn’t turn my head. She fixed my neck for me in the first visit and didn’t pressure me to come back at all.I am now pregnant and have been seeing Dr. Jodi since I was 2 months along and she has been a life saver. She will adjust my back and neck as frequently or infrequently as needed and I always walk out feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend Mt Pleasant Spine Center.

Kristin G.

Really great staff. They are always extremely friendly. The docs really know what they are talking about and are able to answer any questions you may have. Would highly recommend!

Justin P.

I’ve been going to see Dr. Jodi Kennedy once a month for over 2 years now. Without fail, I always feel as good as new when I leave her office. Without a doubt, she’s the first person I see whenever I have a hurt neck or back.

Adam E.

I am working with Dr. Joe Armour on a sciatica and hip issue. His diagnostic skills are excellent and for the first time in years, I have hope that my issues will be managed properly. Already feel relief. Dr. Jodi Kennedy has helped out as well. This is a great team and a valuable find. Highly skilled docs that listen and care. Treat you with respect. Front desk is super helpful and Ashley is spectacular.

Susan B.

Dr. Kennedy has been excellent – she really took the time to listen to me as a patient and used that approach to provide effective treatment. We discussed everything ahead of time and she put me at ease. She is also excellent at adjustment- again, takes the time to evaluate what is causing pain in order to provide an optimal and quick adjustment. Highly recommend.

Rachel L.

Both doctors have a patient-first mentality. They were very kind and excellent at communication. My problems were thorough examined, and we devised a clear plan on how to resolve them. I feel great and would recommend this to anyone in the Charleston area.

Ryan S.

I came here as an alternative to surgery for my shoulder and back. Dr. Armour fixed all my issues. He was so knowledgeable and personable! The office staff was very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend them for any back and sports injuries!

Brittany B.

Echo many of the points from other reviewers. The Office is organized, clean & efficient. Dr. Armour is experienced, listens well, caring, has a wide range of skills to address any issue, explains everything very clearly & honest in his evaluations. Definitely would return when the need arises & will recommend to family / friends.

Sam L.

Dr. Jodi Kennedy knows her stuff! I started going there with a hip problem, and she zeroed in on the exact cause of the pain. She diagnosed my problem even before I went to my sports medicine doctor. After just one visit, I felt immediate relief from the pain. I still go to her for follow ups. I would definitely recommend Mt. Pleasant Spine Center to anyone needing relief from injury or pain. Plus, their office is super convenient and free abundant parking is right next to office.

Cristina Y.

Highly recommended!!!! I am new to the area and needed to find a professional chiropractor who is not only skilled in manipulation but also other modalities such as dry needling AND I FOUND my spot…. Spine Center!!! Booking an appt was quick and effortless, the secretary is amazing she is extremely knowledgeable and efficient to get you from the front door into the doctor’s room. Jodi is phenomenal!!!! She quickly diagnosed my previous injuries and started the treatment within 5 mins of being there …she was extremely kind and talked me through every step of the treatments and continued to keep her attention on the fine details of all the treatments. I will definitely be coming back for my remaining treatments!!!The office is in an excellent location and is extremely clean, private and great front office staff!!!

Rita D.


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